Pay Attention: Gum Disease May Affect Your Whole Body

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Have you ever heard the phrase: Your mouth is the gateway to your entire body? It makes sense, doesn’t it? You eat a well-balanced, healthy diet to supply all organs in your body with the nutrients and nourishment they need to thrive. Well, bad stuff, like bacteria caused by gum disease, gets around too—and can wreak havoc from head to toe.

Gum disease has been linked to a whole list of other diseases and illnesses. The most common and well documented of these include diabetes, heart disease and lung infections.

So does that mean that if you have gum disease, then the wheels will come off and your whole body will breakdown? The answer is no. It simply means that if you have gum disease, then you’re placing yourself at a higher risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, a lung infection or a host of other illnesses. The aforementioned diseases are just a few of the many currently being explored by science.

Now listen to this: 7 out of 10 adults in the United States will get gum disease at one point in their lifetime. Gum disease can strike at any age. Yet, gum disease is, for the most part, preventable with effective at-home oral hygiene habits. That’s at the heart of why we created the MDBrush. (Have you signed up for yours yet?)

At MDBrush, we believe that in order for you to prevent gum disease, you need to be well informed. Check out the Top 17 Risks Of Gum Disease, an extensive list of research articles that detail the most documented illnesses associated with gum disease. Some of these studies are very strong, while others require more investigation, but you’ll get the point.

Once your eyes are open to these proven risks, we bet you’ll up your game a notch when it comes to brushing your teeth. In our view, there’s no better, faster or easier way to prevent gum disease than to use the MDBrush every morning and night. It was specifically designed to effectively sweep out all that bad bacteria—because who would want to let that nasty stuff pass through the gateway to their entire body?

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      Firstly its a good idea to get checked out by your dentist at least once a year, preferably twice. If your gums are bleeding, are tender while brushing, or give off a bad taste or odor, you probably have gum disease. If that is the case you need to get checked out. Once you are healthy the MD Brush can help maintain it.
      Bottom line – its hard to diagnose over the internet. Get checked out by a pro.

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