little girl smelling dental floss md brushSmell That Floss! That’s right, take a big whiff. If it stinks, you’ve got a problem.

So just why are we asking you to do this seemingly disgusting act of self-discovery?  Because… It allows you to determine if you have gum disease.  It’s common knowledge that when your gums bleed, you have gum disease, but what if they don’t bleed? Is there still a way to test the health of your gums?

You bet there is,  and we call it the Road Kill Test. Wanna take a guess as to why?

It goes something like this.

Floss your teeth, making sure you get well below the gum line; not sure how to do that, watch this video. Then smell the floss exactly where you used it before you move to a new position in the mouth, (floss- smell, floss – smell, etc…). If the floss smells like bloated Interstate carcass, it means that bacteria is growing and you’ve got leftovers below the gum line.  It also means that you should be brushing and flossing more. Your floss should smell clean.

Bacteria will always exist in your mouth regardless of who you are, and how much you claim on your taxes. The problem arises when you miss some of this bacteria which inevitably finds its way into the sulcus;  that little pocket just below the gum line.  That little pocket is also why we want you to brush 45 degrees into the gum line instead of circles and up and down,  and it’s why we made the MD Brush the way we did.

If you want to brush like a dentist, you have to think like a dentist , so buy your MD Brush today. Its the most expensive manual brush on the market but once you use it you’ll understand why. There’s nothing quite like it

If you heard our story on NPR you’ll know that building this business has been a marathon of perseverance. Listing our product on Amazon has been the latest checkpoint of that journey. If you happen to purchase our product through the Amazon website, we would really appreciate your honest reviews as they are a significant driver of future sales and would help us spread the word and put an end to gum disease.

Written By,

Mike Davidson, Maverick Dental Hygienist, and CEO MD Brush