The Funniest How-To-Floss Video You’ve Ever Seen

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Hate to floss? You’re not alone. There is nothing fun, or funny, about it. Until now…

Our patients often complain about how awkward it is to hold dental floss, how hard it is to get those teeth in the way back, and that flossing is just an overall pain at the end of a long day.

Knowing how to wrap the floss around your fingers and hold your hands to easily wiggle the floss between your teeth can make this dreaded chore less of a buzzkill. That’s why we created this How To Floss video—and we bet you’ll always remember our, shall we say unique, flossing instructions. In fact, you might even start to chuckle when it’s time to floss. Hint: All you really need to know is how to flip the bird and make the giant double loser hand sign.

The Flossing video you will never forget…

In all seriousness, daily flossing, along with using the MDBrush, is the best defense against gum disease. While the MDBrush effectively sweeps debris off of the surface of your teeth and out of your gum line, it can’t remove that large piece of Bar B Que left over from the 4th of July.

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What’s the big deal about getting gum disease? Not only does gum disease put the health and strength of your teeth at risk, but it can put your whole body in danger. In fact, there are studies linking gum disease to heart disease, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more. You have to think of your mouth as the gateway to your body. That’s why flossing, and using the MDBrush, is not only imperative to optimal dental hygiene, but overall health.

Clean Your Mouth. Your Whole Mouth.

Michael Davidson, RDH, BSDH (that means I’m a dental hygienist)

Mike Smith, DDS (that means I’m a dentist)

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