MD Brush teaches you what perfect brushing feels like.

Created by a dentist and dental hygienist, MD Brush cleans your teeth and gums like no other toothbrush. The magic is in its precision grip, multi-tasking bristles and “Smart Mark” indicators, which together ensure you clean your mouth effectively every time you brush. After just a few days with MD Brush, you‘ll know what brushing properly feels like—and you‘ll never go back to an ordinary toothbrush again. But wait, there‘s more:

• Dual patented handle and bristles
• Sweeps harmful bacteria from the gumline
• Teaches you to brush correctly, effortlessly

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The Grip

• Patented & ergonomically designed
• Positions bristles at a 45˚ angle
• Fits securely in your hand
• Grippy, textured feel

The Bristles

• Patented “W-Cut” tapered design
• Center row cleans the gumline
• Outer rows clean the tooth surface
• Extra soft for gentle cleaning

The Indicators

• Located on the tip of the handle
• Visual cue of correct bristle alignment
• Viewable in the mirror while brushing
• Helps ensure correct brushing angle

We’re making gum disease history.

Why is it so important to brush at a 45° angle? Go ask your dentist. Or just watch dental hygienist and MD Brush creator, Mike Davidson drops some dental knowledge on the topic. You‘ll see why cleaning the gumline at 45° is so important in keeping bacteria out of your mouth for good.

Gum disease can lead to really bad stuff like:

• Heart Disease
• Diabetes
• Stroke
• Vascular Disease
• Low Birth Weight
• Osteoporosis
• Alzheimer‘s
• Pulmonary (lung) Infection

Um, thanks but no thanks!

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Meet the guys behind the brush.

Mike Davidson, RDH, BSDH, and Dr. Mike Smith, DDS, have worked on teeth and gums every day for more than 40 years collectively. And they‘ve treated their share of gum disease. So, about 7 years ago, they decided to do something about it…something that would take them on a journey full of countless ups, downs, prototypes and passport stamps, not to mention sweat—and a lot of personal—equity. Acting on the realization that big corporate toothbrush companies were misleading the public by likening a pretty smile to a healthy mouth, Mike & Mike focused on the root cause of gum disease, which is brushing technique more than anything else. The result of their tireless effort is the MD Brush, a toothbrush that trains the user to clean their gumline and teeth effectively every time, and helps prevent the onset of gum disease and illnesses linked to the disease.